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How to get booked in?

You are able to register for the waiting list for lessons using the Registration and Waiting List section of our website on the menu above. oNCE A SPACE BECOMES AVAILABLE WE WILL GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU :) 

How long does it take children to learn to swim?

''Comparison is the thief of joy''

All children learn at their own pace, our lessons are entirely child centric using active encouragement and engagement techniques to improve outcomes positively

What kind of lessons do you offer?

We offer the following types of lessons:

- 1:1 Lessons- Any age

- Group parent and BABY/Child lessons (0-2.5 Years)

- Intensive Courses during selected Holidays

How many lessons should we have?

Each swimmer and their families have individual goals, Some wish to gain confidence, some would like to be competitive swimmers, your individual goals should reflect the number of sessions you'd like, Some children would like a refresher of skills and others remain for many years progressing through stages

Where are you based

We have our own bespoke facility in Cramlington, Northumberland

Do you cater for children with send?


We work with all kinds of children from all kinds of backgrounds.

What should i do before out first lesson?

1. Complete your forms

2. Arrive approx 10-15 minutes prior to lesson

3. Read our Terms of Service

4. Ensure any SEND forms are completed 

5. Have Swimwear ready

6. Encourage your child with regard to their lessons, support their anxieties and display confidence in them to help them succeed and navigate any worries, when we model confidence and positivity about swimming our children do too :) 

How long is each 1-2-1 swimming lesson?

Sessions are 30 minutes long

What kind of lessons do you offer?

We offer the following types of lessons:

- 1:1 Lessons- Any age

- Group parent and BABY/Child lessons (0-2.5 Years)

- Intensive Courses during selected Holidays

What will my swimmer be learning?

  • Your little ones will be following a program  adopted from the STA Learn to Swim Pathway
  • Our instructors will coach the children from their very first stages of aquatic skills and can aid development right up to Junior Lifeguard Status
  • Swimmers have the opportunity to earn both Skills Badges, Effort and Achievement badges and Distance Badges too
  • Lessons are swimmer focused, play based, and engaging.

What should I bring to swimming lessons for my child?

  • Swim Wear (Splash about for under 4's)
  • Towel
  • Goggles (we have a selection of goggles your child can try if new to wearing goggles, for regular swimmers we advise bringing your own or purchasing a Zoggs Pair from reception)
  • Swimming cap or hair tied back for long hair. Swim caps also available for sale at Reception

Do I have to enter the pool with my child?

No, parents do not enter the pool for any of our lessons. Parents should sit in one of our viewing areas directly on poolside.

For Mini SWIMMING CO. Parent and child lessons parents or accompanying attendees will be in the water 

What should I tell my child’s swimming instructor?


  • Please tell your child’s swimming instructor about any health problems that may affect your child in their lesson i.e. hearing, sight or mobility problems.
  • It is also useful for the swimming instructor to know about any additional needs your child may have. This can help the teacher cater the class better to your child and ensure learning needs are met. Please visit out ASD page for a comprehensive form for our learners with ASD to share a profile with your instructors.
  • Any concerns you may have about the lesson or your child’s swimming progress. Please remember that the teachers have back-to-back classes and may be unable to speak to you at the poolside. Please don’t hesitate to email us at

What do I do if my child is unwell or on holiday and unable to attend their lesson?

Where availability allows we can try to accommodate a catch up lesson if you inform us in advance of 48 hours your child's absence.

A payment is required for a regularly booked space regardless of attendance. Overheads and staffing costs remain whether a space is occupied or a pupil absent.

Please see our Terms and Conditions on Catch up lessons.

The catch up portal section pf the website allows you to notify us of absences with 48 hours notice

Can we arrange a trial lesson to gauge if my child will like lessons?

Upon first attendance of a lesson a new customer does not need to automatically sign up to our Direct Debit until they are satisfied with the experience that day.

That lesson still needs to be paid for in cash or by adding it onto the Direct Debit.

It is not possible to have a Free Trial Lessons as our waiting list is considerably long and this would take a considerable amount of time out of our availability.


Yes our lessons run year round, not just in term time.  

What are the costs for swimming lessons?

 £23.00 Per Session- billed via a monthly direct debit

Who do I contact if I need more information?  or /

you can also call/text


  • How can I support my child with learning to swim?

  • Encourage them to enjoy their lessons – lessons should be fun as well as developing skills.

  • Try not to push your child too much – children do not all learn to swim at the same rate. Some children struggle with certain skills and it is important to ensure that a child is confident and ready to progress before they are pushed up to the next stage.

  • Watch your child’s lesson and enjoy seeing them progress – do not interrupt the class with your instructions. It is important that they learn to understand and respect the instructions being given to them by their teacher.

  • All children will receive awards for free. Make sure your child knows that you are happy with their progress. Some levels are harder to achieve and it is important not to get disheartened if your child does not get the next award at the time you would like them to.

 Can I take photos of my child during their lesson?

Parents are only able to take photographs or videos of their children if they can adhere to and sign our photography register, this is in the interest of Child Protection requirements.


What ages must wear protective swimwear?

Up to age 4- accidents are never pre-meditated and warm water + exercise is very stimulating for the digestive system. Using a Splash about shorts or costume set we are able to prevent pool closures from toileting accidents. 

under 4's will not be permitted to swim without this.

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