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Covid 19 Policies

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- Swimmers or parents with Covid-19 symptoms should not attend the facility

-We are asking for minimal numbers this means attending with one adult to each child where possible. (We understand siblings may need to attend in with parent attending) 

- We must know who is present in the building, we have our Test and Trace QR code present for those who wish to check in using this method. Otherwise if the attending adult will be someone other than the listed parent or caregiver attached to your booking please visit the COVID-19 Tracing Form section of the website to inform us of the adult present

- Please Attend Beach Ready where possible

- Overshoes are necessary to protect the pool environment.

- Please distance from other adults and families particularly where spectating. 


- Please follow all signage


Reduced Opening Hours

We are so excited to be reopening our doors after an extended closure. We are so grateful to have a customer base to return to, initially we will have some reduced hours from 3.30pm to enable us to assess the best practices for our swimmers who need the most assistance in our Pre-School Lessons. 

Pre-School swimmers may wish to attend parents and child lessons with Mini Swimming Co. on weekday mornings if this would suit families.

Will my Child be in the water with an instructor.

Children and Instructors will both be in the water together, we will be maintaining a strictly socially distant lesson environment, we will not be able to physically assist your child or break the distancing guidelines except for the event of lifesaving emergencies.

- Children will be using woggles and other buoyancy equipment in order to aid them in their lessons where they may have previously had physical contact.

When you visit our facilities you can expect to see:

  • Additional safety signage and hand sanitiser stations

  • Temperature Checks Upon arrival to facilitate a Covid-19 Secure space.

  • An Increased cleaning regime

  • Small changes to entry and exit points where applicable

  • One way systems at busier times.

  • Please anticipate a five minute delay to your typical schedule in order to allow safe transition between classes.

  • Track and Trace requests for attendees.


We encourage (but do not enforce) that all swimmers come “swim ready” where feasibly possible ie. already in their swimwear. This minimises contact with the changing areas. Changing areas are still fully operational 

Chlorine and Coronavirus?Is Swimming Safe?

Our pools are the safest place to be. “Chlorine and Bromine that are in pools inactivate the virus” – Dr Ebb Lautenbach – Chief of infectious diseases at the university of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.



Face Coverings


- Parents and Young Adults should wear masks ( Where possible in line with guidance) Please know we will never ask why an individual may not be wearing a mask as we respect your Health, Disability and Equality Rights wholeheartedly. 


- Parents who arrive to lessons early may be asked to wait outside.

- Our changing room facilities will be open and operating under a new cleaning regimen.

- Please come beach ready where possible, ready to swim to reduce length of time in the building. 

- Signs will demonstrate where Parents and Children should be at various times throughout their sessions.

- Where possible please attend with only the Swimmer and the accompanying adult ( We know that this is not always possible )

- General Governmental Restrictions apply ( If you feel unwell, or experience symptoms please do not attend your lessons)

Please bear with us at this extremely busy time whilst we work to ensure you the best experience possible.


Thank you for choosing Little Swimming Company.

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